The End of America

  You are uneven. hanging halfway between             the                         ending                                     and                                       an                                     [emergency exit].                                                 – Koleka Putuma, “In Limbo”[i] There are movies that discuss moments like this. A true ‘alien’ enemy threatens the survival of the planet and the only thing left to do is come together, to “spare […]

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Carry yourself in. They’ll name you over and over, and make bridges from the ugliest parts of your body. Give them their content. They’ll mill over it when you die or maybe, cast it all into oblivion. Who were you born to be? A consolation for a mind. A problem. A question and a song. […]


Black Box, Black Study

Insofar as Black studies has earned the right to look out for itself, what that really means is that Black studies has earned the right to try again to take its fundamental responsibility, which is to be a place where we can look out for the Earth. I think that Black studies has on a […]

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