Black Abstraction

Sometimes: I want to kill myself just to see what’s on the other side. One of the results of metaphysical violence has been, the violence of preventing Black abstractions and ideations. This violence has prevented not only the activity of Black thought and abstraction, but it has also prevented Black abstractions from coloring the terms […]

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I Wish I Was Home

The first song I ever wrote was called, “I Wish I Was Home.” I had to be about five years old or so. The song was sung in the key of a Pop-R&B vibe, Usher was probably its subconscious subtext and I sung it for the first time as my Mom and Dad pulled away […]

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Walls of Xenophobia

The whole thing is radically untenable and then there’s the fact that we have to take responsibility for it. Europe is our project. America is our thing. You have to say that a million times before blowing them up becomes a necessary option. Jimmie Durham laughs, repeat after me.  –  Fred Moten, “Black and Blur”   […]

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