Speculations on Speculative Realism & Cedric Robinson

.2019. Review of Cedric Robinson, Black Marxism, “Racial Capitalism: The Non-objective Character of Capitalist Development.” Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition In this chapter, Robinson tells a history of the development of Capital in Europe and from Europe to the World. Central to Robinson’s historical genealogy is the objectivity of the non-objective […]

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I Wish I Was Home

The first song I ever wrote was called, “I Wish I Was Home.” I had to be about five years old or so. The song was sung in the key of a Pop-R&B vibe, Usher was probably its subconscious subtext and I sung it for the first time as my Mom and Dad pulled away […]

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I reflected a lot about whether or not I should write this. But, I am and I am because I am trying to remember why I started this blog, which is related to why I decided to create music again, which is related – but less directly so – to why I decided to take […]

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