anxiety. ideation. breath.

Remember your words are for you, and you haven’t walked this path for anyone other than for the thing you are becoming. Remember your word to yourself, and when you break it, if you break it, be true, be real, be honest. In the darkness of that emotion, in the hazards of those lights, remember your word to yourself. Remember that the Universe is small. That there are many Universes spinning at once, that the World is always larger than your current field of vision. That all that is Love and all that is Evil are one in the same thing for different fields of different visions. Remember your Death is your own. So the choices you make in this Life, the steps you take as you die, are for you to carry, for you to wield, for you to bury, for you. Remember that silence is the option of the wise. If only, because it has been said, over and over again. Remember that patience is the practice of peace. If only, because it must be done, over and over again. Remember that there is an infinite history behind you, an infinite history between you, and an infinite history to emerge after you. Remember that much of the Time implied by that history emerges in the blackest fog you’ll never Know. Remember to walk in your purpose. To shutter not at the sensations that bleed through your bones. The entire World is an architecture made by blood and bones. The entire World is a trauma. Remember to feel everything. To feel death like an intimacy in every passing moment. To feel life like a weight against your skin. Remember to feel everything. Every tear of every passerby. Every joy of every child. Remember to let it change you. To never stay the same. And to never let the World say who you are. You are crueler to yourself than this World may ever be. You would eviscerate your body before the most of them. Remember to try and change that. To not let that be okay. To not let that be your Law abiding Truth. Remember you have a right, at least to one thing at all, and that’s peace of Mind which requires peace of Body. Remember this peace is hardly possible. But possible nonetheless. Remember the World is wide, and that everyone everywhere isn’t doing the things that you or the people of your everywhere are doing. Remember that ethics is about everyone and everything everywhere. It is simple because it is hard. It is hard because it is simple. Remember that Hell is other people. All the time. No matter what. And it is only Christians that think that there can be no peace in Hell. If Hell is other people, the Kingdom of God is Within You and you were made to make something out of this little Hell you’ve got. Be gentle on yourself when the World is hard, be hard on yourself when the World is gentle. Do this for you. Then repeat.

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