Walls of Xenophobia

The whole thing is radically untenable and then there’s the fact that we have to take responsibility for it. Europe is our project. America is our thing. You have to say that a million times before blowing them up becomes a necessary option. Jimmie Durham laughs, repeat after me. 

–  Fred Moten, “Black and Blur”


What is difficult for people to grasp is that we are at war with reality itself. What this means is that we cannot change the World or pierce through its foundation without dealing with the fact that the way we see, know, think, feel, etc. are all manifested from within a field of entangled relations that come to us as reality. The Political is a surreality. It is there. It is so there that to speak of its fictitious underbelly would be to misrepresent the disaster that is our World. But, it does hold a fictitious underbelly. What are some the fictions that constitutes the Political? Well, the Nation State is one. The Nation State is fake. In fact, the creation of borders – of Walls of Xenophobia – is an attempt to materialize the pseudo-geography which has become an indispensable component of our reality. We see material fictions all over our World. But I believe the word “fiction” hides a truer signifier. Let’s replace fiction with material abstraction and I think we get a better grasp of what it is we are dealing with.


All I see around me

is the burning down

of the World.

And I cry and I rejoice

and I mourn and I leap for joy.

What to make of this place?

This blood-stained ground

This blood-stained ground

which slowly crumbles

which scrambles for coherence

in a World

that’s at its End.

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